We started this project in summer 2006 after having found out about the story while researching for another project. 2007 we a had a solo show in the center of contemporary arts in Freiburg, Switzerland where some of the videos were presented as a two channel video installation. We invited Jimmy Carter and possibly as a consequence got an invitation from him for an interview on the very day of the opening of the exhibition.

Early 2009 Google contacted us as they had heard about the story of the Jimmy Carter solar installation – by goggling us. The company had borrowed one of the panels for the inauguration of President Barak Obama. Even before President Barak Obama was inaugurated, we heard rumors that the administration plans to install a new solar system on the White House.

Summer 2010 Bill McKibben from 350.org basically re-enacted the idea of our road trip and tried to hand over one of the remaining solar panels to the White House.

On October 5, 2010 Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that a new photovoltaic and thermal solar system would be installed on the White House in spring 2011.

On June 25, 2013 we were informed by a friend that the Obama administration has announced the reinstalment of solar panels on the White House as part of the climate action plan here. When we checked, the information was already removed. But others have seen it, too.

On August 15, the Washington Post comes out with the story that the White House finally is getting its solar installation.

We do not know what the impact of this film project and the constant retelling of the story was. It might even have prolonged the process. But we’re sure our film helped to get facts right and to honor the people who deserve it.